In much of my own personal decor I like to stick with neutral colours on walls and large furnishings. I’ve always preferred layered neutrals and adding in pops of colour in accents like rugs, artwork and pillows. In an entry area a bright runner can be all you need.

Ask Deb Nelson: adding colour

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In my column, Ask Deb Nelson, I was asked about how to add colour to a room. I personally gravitate toward neutral, layered spaces.  But I do like to add some colour and pattern in a room, for example in the picture shown above, I added colour with the rug, and I’d normally have pillows on the sofa in contrasting …

Ask Deb Nelson: what do I put on my coffee table?

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One thing I love experimenting with is a coffee table display.  Like mantels and bookcases, your coffee table can have an attractive, stylish display of items.  I tend to change my around a lot – but typically always have a plant or flowers (especially in the summer depending on what I pick from the garden) and a stack of books. …

Design inspiration: using unique accessories

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One thing I love about decorating is adding lots of unique, antique accessories. I have many interesting old things around my house! I rotate things around from tables, shelves and mantels. People are always interested in the story…where the items came from and how old it is.  The image above are a few things on a bed side table. Here …

Deb’s Top Three: Brass table lamps

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These days brass/gold table lamps are everywhere I turn!  The beautiful lamp above is from SchoolHouseElectric, made in Oregon.  I like the style of these lamps and I think they would work best as a desk lamp or hall table lighting. I’ve been reading a lot about the version from Target (below) because it’s very affordable. Here is the Target version …

Inspiration: antique textiles

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I love the picture above that shows how fabulous old, worn textiles – like rugs can work layered with new rugs.  I sometimes layer old rugs with a sisal underneath.  I’m always searching for antique kilim rugs and here are a few more in my house. I’m now on the hunt for additional antique textiles to make into pillows, more …

Using baskets in decor

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Baskets can add a beautiful look to your home, and they’re also very functional. They’re great for storage in entry areas, bathrooms, open shelving – any where you need to tuck things away. I like the texture and character they add. Here’s one of my favourite lidded antique baskets, and a few others that look great and are really functional. …

Ask Deb Nelson: How to decorate shelves

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If you’re stumped on how to decorate shelves, using a collection can be an easy way to go. It’s always interesting when you can put together a collection, and by grouping them it can make for a simple solution for shelves. Here’s a collection of old cameras that add a cool, unique vibe for decorating these shelves. By adding a …

Using Old Books in Décor


Stacks of old books can add character anywhere in your house. They don’t necessarily need to be packed away in a bookcase. I’ve always got a few books stacked here and there, they can help add height when you need it for a display area. The above is on a dresser in a bedroom. Below are a couple of rooms …

Inspiration: Summer!


I’m so happy summer is finally here! Summer is terribly inspiring; sand, sea, salt, shells…they donʼt have to start with S but apparently some do! Like star fish…the star fish displayed in the kitchen window (pictured above), always makes me smile and think of summer. Sometimes, itʼs those small little touches that can make all the difference in your décor. Donʼt forget …