In much of my own personal decor I like to stick with neutral colours on walls and large furnishings. I’ve always preferred layered neutrals and adding in pops of colour in accents like rugs, artwork and pillows. In an entry area a bright runner can be all you need.

Ask Deb Nelson: painted built-in cabinets

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In my ‘Ask Deb Nelson’ column I was asked about painting built-in cabinets.  We’re used to seeing built-in’s in a warm white, cream or ivory colour, like in the room above.  Typically it’s done to coordinate with the trim and other accents in the room. But this doesn’t mean you have to paint your built-ins white, you can definitely consider another …

Ask Deb Nelson: adding colour

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In my column, Ask Deb Nelson, I was asked about how to add colour to a room. I personally gravitate toward neutral, layered spaces.  But I do like to add some colour and pattern in a room, for example in the picture shown above, I added colour with the rug, and I’d normally have pillows on the sofa in contrasting …

BEFORE & AFTER: floors & fireplace get an update

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In this living room I had no problem painting the original brick fireplace white, along with the shelves, mantel and hearth.  The walls, ceiling and trim throughout also got a fresh coat of paint. The other big (but subtle) change was having the floors redone. The original floors were marked by rugs being in place for many years.  I love …

Ask Deb Nelson: wallpaper

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Often people ask about using wallpaper and I’m a fan of wallpaper.  There are so many beautiful patterns, colours and styles you can find just about anything these days. When you’re picking wallpaper, it often depends on a few factors, such as: the style of the house (traditional versus more modern); the room you’re wallpapering; whether you want colour or …

Inspiration: Shiplap

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I’ve always liked textured walls, these days “shiplap” walls are turning up every where. Really they are rooms with wooden boards on the wall that run vertically or horizontally, of course I love them painted white. I have white vertical boards in the room on my third floor, like you see above. These are original to the house and the …


Inspiration: Shades of Blue


One of my favourite colours is blue and I love the range of blue shades from the very pale blues to a brighter, deeper turquoise and navy. Even in small doses like the image above, a bit of blue is a great accent. Here are a few other blues I love: Navy blue grass cloth: recently used in a clients …

Inspiration: Food!


If you are considering making changes or upgrades to a kitchen or outdoor space (or any space where food is consumed for that matter), why not use FOOD as your inspiration? I absolutely love watching the masterful work of a chef, not only for what is going to come of it, but for the absolute beauty of it all! Food …

Design inspiration: kitchen cabinets

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When I was planning my kitchen renovation, it took me a long time to decide on the kitchen cabinets.  I have lower cabinets everywhere, and open shelves at the end of the kitchen but not many upper cabinets. I went back and forth on white lower cabinets versus a medium grey colour on the lowers only – I really couldn’t …