Living room Re-do: Before & After

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A few before and after’s of a living room I did this year.  The house wasn’t in great repair, the floors were badly scuffed and worn down, the electrical had to be re-done which meant all new lighting, and the room needed to be painted.  To save money I opted to paint the original floors black and I used rugs …



In much of my own personal decor I like to stick with neutral colours on walls and large furnishings. I’ve always preferred layered neutrals and adding in pops of colour in accents like rugs, artwork and pillows. In an entry area a bright runner can be all you need.

Kitchen update: Faucet

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In my own kitchen I’ve been thinking about going with the gold/bronze coloured faucet instead of the standard chrome finish.  In my kitchen above you can see the faucet I have now.  I have the hardware in the kitchen in an antique brass finish and I like the warm metal finish with all the white in the space.  I think …

Open shelving in the kitchen

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In my weekly newspaper column, ‘Ask Deb Nelson’, I get a lot of questions about kitchens.  I think people ask about kitchens because renovations tend to be expensive and time consuming, so many people look for simple ways to update the space.   The trend towards open shelving creates a casual, relaxed look in the kitchen, but it isn’t for …

How to pick a backsplash for your kitchen

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I’ve been thinking a lot about backsplashes these days because I need to choose one for my own kitchen, which you can see above.  Typically my rule of thumb is to go with a fairly simple and quiet backsplash, but of course it completely depends on your counter material.  I normally go with a solid tile type of back splash …


Before & After: Double Doors

After Doors

When I purchased my old house, I wanted to add ‘new’ doors at the back of the house from the kitchen. I thought this would add charm to the space and I liked the idea of outdoor access here for carrying in groceries and things to the kitchen. So I went on the hunt for doors.  Here are a few …

BEFORE & AFTER: floors & fireplace get an update

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In this living room I had no problem painting the original brick fireplace white, along with the shelves, mantel and hearth.  The walls, ceiling and trim throughout also got a fresh coat of paint. The other big (but subtle) change was having the floors redone. The original floors were marked by rugs being in place for many years.  I love …

Great gallery walls: how to create one

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I like the look of gallery walls, and often use them in my own spaces.  The image above is from a small apartment I renovated and decorated.  I find the key is making sure you have enough artwork to fill in the space, they don’t look good if it’s too skimpy. It’s a great style, and can be an excellent …

Small space solution: DIY sofa with storage

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This is a small space solution, that can also work if you’re in a home and looking for a multi-purpose sofa/bed/storage. When I was designing this small space above, I was looking for a way to incorporate those three elements.  There are options out there you can purchase, but I didn’t want to commit to keeping a piece of furniture there, …

Before & After: Affordable, DIY kitchen

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In this kitchen update, the only material I used was paint and that was the only cost involved!  This is what I would call a true paint makeover.  Here are a few BEFORE pictures: And a few more of the AFTER pictures.  I painted 8 different surfaces in this kitchen, can you spot the changes?   Painted surfaces included: 1. …