BEFORE & AFTER: a kitchen gets a new look

kitchen smaller sft

This kitchen has undergone a fairly dramatic transformation. The renovation consisted of a new layout of the space; as well as new flooring, cabinetry, appliances, counters, backsplash, lighting, sink and faucet, etc. I like how the new look came together, adding white cabinetry and butcher block counters creates a great vibe. The touch of black on the hardware and faucet …



In much of my own personal decor I like to stick with neutral colours on walls and large furnishings. I’ve always preferred layered neutrals and adding in pops of colour in accents like rugs, artwork and pillows. In an entry area a bright runner can be all you need.

Holiday decorating

holiday 1 w logo smaller

It’s that time of year when the holiday decorating happens.  I like a classic holiday look incorporating lots of natural elements like boughs and branches.  Here are a few snaps of some of my own holiday decor!

Creating an office nook

office edit pix

At home I always create a spot with a desk to use as a small office.  In this very small space of mine, the ‘office’ was a tiny corner with a desk and bookcase.  I kept my printer here (although it’s not in this shot) and would use the bookcase on the right to hold paperwork and bills, etc.  If …

Ideas for an antique crate

crates edit

You can see in the image above I have 3 old crates stacked on the left hand side, to create a tall storage area with a vase on top.  I have always thought old crates are an affordable and practical purchase.  Many have old text or brands on the sides from their original use.  They’re actually really functional, and a …

Before & After: fireplace – no hook up required

fp after pix edit 3

Since it’s officially the first day of fall, it’s a great time to dream about a fireplace.  If you’re keen on a fireplace but don’t want the hassle or expense of adding gas, electrical, etc. –  here is an option to consider.  In the living room above I added an eco-friendly fireplace burner by Eco Smart fireplace.  This is an …

Ask Deb Nelson: painted built-in cabinets

light built in j edit

In my ‘Ask Deb Nelson’ column I was asked about painting built-in cabinets.  We’re used to seeing built-in’s in a warm white, cream or ivory colour, like in the room above.  Typically it’s done to coordinate with the trim and other accents in the room. But this doesn’t mean you have to paint your built-ins white, you can definitely consider another …

Ask Deb Nelson: adding colour

living room edit

In my column, Ask Deb Nelson, I was asked about how to add colour to a room. I personally gravitate toward neutral, layered spaces.  But I do like to add some colour and pattern in a room, for example in the picture shown above, I added colour with the rug, and I’d normally have pillows on the sofa in contrasting …

Kitchen update: Faucet

13 j edit

In my own kitchen I’ve been thinking about going with the gold/bronze coloured faucet instead of the standard chrome finish.  In my kitchen above you can see the faucet I have now.  I have the hardware in the kitchen in an antique brass finish and I like the warm metal finish with all the white in the space.  I think …

Before & After: Painted kitchen cabinets

painted 2 edit

I’ve been a fan of painting kitchen cabinets for many years.  I first painted an entire kitchen for a design segment on CBC back many years ago.  Since then I’ve painted a few of my own kitchens too. In the kitchen above, I bought store bought cabinets in a brown wooden finish and I painted them dark grey.  It was one …