BEFORE & AFTER: a kitchen gets a new look

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This kitchen has undergone a fairly dramatic transformation. The renovation consisted of a new layout of the space; as well as new flooring, cabinetry, appliances, counters, backsplash, lighting, sink and faucet, etc. I like how the new look came together, adding white cabinetry and butcher block counters creates a great vibe. The touch of black on the hardware and faucet …

Before & After: Kitchen Side Door

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In my kitchen there is a side entry with a charming old door. I wanted to make this a functional area – an extension of the kitchen with the BBQ and a small porch off of this side of the house. I wanted to keep the original door (I even have the old skeleton key for it), but pretty well …


BEFORE & AFTER: kitchen renovation

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My kitchen reno was recently featured on CBC TV, but here are a lot more photos to see the transformation. People have been asking about the quartzite stone on the counter, here is a link to a post I did about that material: BEFORE: DURING: AFTER:

kitchen before & after: a reno

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Recently I posted a dining room ‘before and after’ in a previous home of mine.  Someone was asking about the kitchen that was also extensively renovated.  So here is the kitchen reno! The state of the kitchen ‘BEFORE’ was not so great, it needed to be gutted from the floors to walls to adding new electrical, plumbing, new cabinets, appliances, …

today we’re on

chester kitchen pxl

Excited to see my Chester cottage kitchen reno featured on (of Apartment Therapy) today. This was an easy, inexpensive kitchen update that really just involved taking down a wall and a lot of white paint.  Other than the wall coming down (with proper support beams added to the ceiling).  I was able to do the rest of  the work …

progress of a kitchen renovation

chester kitchen pxl

I’ve taken on quite a few renovation project over the last several years.  This kitchen renovation was one of my favourites.  I love looking back at these pictures – here’s a kitchen renovation in progress over a few years. In my first place in Chester NS, I bought a sweet, charming cottage, it needed a ton of work but I …