Back a few years ago, I was renovating a space that is now my design office. It was very industrial and rough when I got my hands on the space. This was another reno done with my talented cousin Mike, we (as in 'he' and I was the assistant) did new floors, walls, insulation, lighting, paint, baseboards, etc. It was a big job and when I look back at it now I can't believe the transformation. I think the pictures show it best! BEFORE

DURING – we removed all the old walls, shelving, floors, etc. Here we are adding insulation, floors and new drywall.

AFTER – with new white walls, lighting and floors about to be stained

More of the office today, some with me in it!

kitchen before & after: a reno

Recently I posted a dining room 'before and after' in a previous home of mine. Someone was asking about the kitchen that was also extensively renovated. So here is the kitchen reno! The state of the kitchen 'BEFORE' was not so great, it needed to be gutted from the floors to walls to adding new electrical, plumbing, new cabinets, appliances, etc. The wall between the kitchen and dining room was removed and an island was placed here with the sink, dishwasher, cabinets and seating. Here it is before:

 And the renovation begins! It's never much fun to live through a kitchen reno but it was well planned and was a working kitchen again after about 8 weeks.

And here it is once the appliances and cabinets are getting into place:

And finally...the finished product! A few more AFTER shots: